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Golf Wind Up
Our wind up is Saturday and we have 32 golfers. Cell phones are banned but I'm sure a few photo's will be posted on our Facebook Page Sunday.

Carter Ties the Knot
Carter is the second Longhorn to get married this year. Check out the video and photos on our Facebook Page

Wolfpack Take the Title
Congrats the the Calgary Wolfpack on winning the FMBA title this year. We should of beat them in round 1 but they nutted up and took us in 3. They then rolled over the rest of the league like they were DustDevils. Don't rip the other arm off the trophy as it gives it character. Enjoy your time as champs because we are dethroning you next year.

Golf Wind Up
Longhorns 8th Annual Golf Tourney is Saturday Oct.4th, Let us know if you want in. Check out our facebook page for some photos

Interesting Facts about 2014
Here's a few interesting facts about our season. Brendan Engdahl and Dan Lougen carry the K-LID into next season. It's the first time in 21 years 2 players have accomplished this feat. Another astonishing feat is Craig Joyce (@ElPresidente), the slowest player in the league, lead our team in triples. Not to be out done, Weyni Johnson had 25 plate appearances and K'd 16 times.

Wolfpack Get Their Revenge
We had a hard fought series against the Wolfpack in a rematch of last years finals. To no surprise this series went all three games with the Pack coming out on top. Game one featured a pitchers duel with Albo and their ace lefty. Both pitched well and we ended up scoring in the bottom of the seventh on a routine play at first that was booted. We won 3-2.Game 2 was close until about the 5th inning. Teddy took the loss, but threw well. A lot of 0-2 counts that didn't turn out as planned. Joyce peppered their pitcher in the knee on a come-backer, but that guy threw well even after being knocked down. Albo had 3 knocks. Kellen made a great catch in left field. We lost 9-5. Game 3 was another well pitched game by both teams. Again to no surprise Valis (the biggest Longhorn killer of them all) made an appearance and we countered with Arne since we were short players. They hit a bleeder to go up in the 7th and we fell short when it was our turn to bat. We failed to capitalize on their 5 errors made by their third basemen and couldn't come up with a clutch hit when needed. Both teams gave it all they had with many from both sides playing hurt. Good luck to the Wolfpack the rest of the playoffs.I think this might be the first time in Longhorns history that we have been knocked out in the first round of playoffs. It's a combination of us getting older and the league getting better. We will be looking to recruit more next year. Even if we do I bet we will still struggle to get 9 guys in July and August to come out for games...

Playoffs Begin
A 2013 final rematch is in round 1, as we play the Wolfpack. Game 1 is Friday at 6.30pm, Game 2 is Saturday at 6pm and if necessary Game 3 is Sunday at 12pm.

Almost Another Dime
Unfortunately it was us that almost got dimed. We had 4 hits and multiple errors. Hopefully this doesn't carry into the playoffs. We start next Thursday or Friday

4th dime in a row
We dimed the Cardinals 15-5. That's 4 in a row. It was a painful first 3 innings as both pitchers were struggling to find the zone. Dan Lougen started to find the zone and in his words "stopped throwing his curve like a pussy". The bats stayed hot with Albo, Joyce, Engdahl Bud and Arne leading the way. Engdahl had 4 RBIs. Arne showed Pep how to do a shotgun in the postgame and even though it wasn't his best it was still impressive. Pep had a nice shotgun too for his first one. Next up we play the UofC kids at inland.

23 MVP saves the day
45 minutes to game time Peaches was frantically sending emails because we only had 4 guys at the diamond. A few more trickled but we were stuck at 8. Pretty pathetic with our 24 man roster. Retired Longhorn legend Arne Larson had enough of shopping for Pokemon cards and replied asking if we still needed somebody. That's why we never change the email list. You are on it for life. That story was more interesting than the game we played against the Diamondbacks. Piere established is alpha male status early, kicking the Diamondbacks off the field in the middle of their warmup. Arne got thrown into the fire with the first hit of the game being a gap shot, making him run and throw it in with no warm up. Arne ended up getting a hit in his return, Peaches went 3 for 3, Albo had a couple hits and Ted pitched well.

The game tonight vs U of C has been cancelled. We will play our make up game vs. the Cardinals on Saturday at 6pm

Whitesox still hungover from Longhorns Tourney
21-3 in a 12 inning double dip. Teddy and Ulmer pitched well racking up 12 ks in 12 innings. Game 1 was a quick 9-0 lead in 3 but couldn't close out the dime and played all 7. Play of the game was Buds bases loaded shot down the line off the foul pole called foul, then changed to grand slam and after players ran the bases called a ground rule double. Game two we continued to mash and dimed them in 5. Pepin had 2 triples and single in the game, Carter hits first triple in 3 years but his body told him he's too old and pulled his hammy rounding second and limped backed to second. Joyce had 2 triples on the day. Games were topped off by Barrett doing to 2 shotguns post game and the last one was with a Whitesox supplied beer.

Longhorns Tourney
The Tourney was a success and we would like to Thank all the teams for participating. Christian and Nelly put on a show behind the mic and were both warned by the umps to tone it down. I know you find this shocking but one of them was Pierre. Pierre put in a shift and score kept the 7pm Saturday night game. The Saturday night MVP was Eric Hoesettler, he was all over the map. He lost his shirt, climbed on the roof, lost is wallet and tried to hump the fire barrel. He's become a honorary Longhorn and is invited back to every tourney. The Calgary Wolfpack beat the Oyen Eagles in the Final. We didn't play our best baseball and couldn't buy a clutch hit. It also sucks that we had guys not show up or had other commitments. I guess we will focus on winning the league for a 15th time.

The Wolpack's 9 beat our 9 4-2. Not much to say but it was hot and we went into extra innings. Peaches threw a gem

Cocks go Limp
Game 1 was arguably the longest game in FMBA history. We won 9-6 but it took 2 hours and 15 minutes to play. Dan Lougen had problems finding the strike zone but luckily for him our offense came alive. Peaches lead the game off with a bomb. We were down 6-3 but came back to win 9-6. Game 2 both teams were ripping the ball and we cam on top with a 10-9 win. We were down 9-5 going into the 7th and put up 5 for the win. Albo hit a Grand Slam to tie it up and Joyce singled in Jade for the win.

Stampede Stink Out
Well what can I say we hit like a bunch of Fat chicks trying to get lucky at Nashville North. The 2 weeks lay off showed and we lost 1-0 to the Cards. Nelly pitched good and I won't say anything else as we can't afford to have his ego hurt before he announces at out tourney next weekend. Jade Alberts, Paul Reid and Jared Albo had our only hits. Ulmer pitched great but cost us the game by not walking Burlo to load the bases to make a force out. Coach Rex says he told Ulmer to walk him after the count was 2-0 but we think his memory was shaken from playing Kaiser on his IPhone. The Cocks are up next.

The Sarge Slaughters Longhorns
The Diamondbacks celebrity guest pitcher was Joe Sargent. He must off been off today as he only struck out 10 of us in 5 innings. The Longhorns tried to match the DB with a celebrity middle infield, with Jade Alberts at Short and Carter Edie at 2nd. There combined weight was approximately 450 Lbs, try to match that. Taking all that into consideration we only lost 6-3. The game was pretty uneventful with Jared Albo the only Longhorn worth mentioning with 2 doubles. He was pounding singles in the bar and trying to wheel the waitress with a see through sweater (you couldn't see anything). We're off for the All-Star break and don't play again until July.4.

Rain Out
We got 3 innings in vs the Diamondback and then the one cloud that had rain in it settled in over the diamond and pissed for a half hour. The umps called the game, the Diamondbacks called us grumpy old men for wanting to cancel. They waited for the rain to stop and then had a slo-pitch hitting practice. Thank god El Presidente wasn't there to see that. The game is rescheduled to July.31

Rain outs
The games have been rescheduled and are updated.

Retro Jersey Day at the Park
We wore the original purple jerseys and won game 1 6-4. Ulmer pitched all 8 innings, yes it took up 8 innings and a rodeo show by there right fielder for us to win this game (we're told he doesn't like our tweets, BEAT IT NERD). Bud got tossed by none other than Pierre and he gave Ulmer 3 warm up pitches in the 6th inning. He gave the Giants the finger in the stands and for that Pierre gets first star. Why does he keep making it into our write ups? Peaches got picked off again and Brendan would of but thank goodness Pierre knows, sorry I meant wrote the rule book. Big Ben can't wait until we play the White Soxs. For some reason they want to chirp a 6'9" monster who likes throwing bouncers around for fun, good luck with that.......... In Game 2, wearing the orange jerseys, Dan Lougen mowed them down and we crushed them 11-1. Joyce stayed hot ripping a triple and 2 singles. Weyni and Barrett almost got the K-LID and one of our rookies decided to bunt when we were up 9-1. We had a chat with him.

Tale of 2 Goats
Derek Goat started the day off K'ing 7 of our first 8 batters, but then his 28 year old body started falling apart. We scored 7 runs in the 3rd inning all with 2 outs while only recording 1 hit. The Wolfpack then reached into the future and put Shawn Connor on the mound, we scored 5 runs on him all with 2 outs. We scored 4 more runs but only 3 of them with 2 out, we can thank Albo for that, jackass. That would make the total 16-6 for the Longhorns. They need more Red Deer Stags in their line up. Joyce hit a home run and pitched 3 scoreless innings, but Ted was ripped all over the field. Aaron Pepin, Jade Alberts, and Jared Albo ripped doubles, Brendan Engdahl hit a triple and Bud hit the ball out of the infield. Carter's catching days are officially behind him, we need to recruit another catcher. We have a double dip against the DustDevils on Saturday and its special jersey day.

No Beanfest vs. Giants
Game 1 - Ulmer pitched a gem throwing all 7 and K'ing 6 Giants. We rattled off 14 hits but 3 of them were sky high infield pop fly's that they somehow missed. Aaron Pepin had the quote of the day asking if the Mets got new jerseys. Everybody had a hit except Joyce, he got the K-LID.................. Game 2 - Aaron Pepin started and Dan Lougen came in and they managed to get a win. It wasn't pretty on our side but luckily they decided to turn into the DustDevils. There were 7 lead changes and they were up 2 going into the bottom of 7. Joyce and Teddy got hits and with 1 out Dan Lougen laid down a perfect bunt moving the runners into scoring position and set the stage for Peaches. With 5 hits on the day he notched number 6 but Teddy was going to be thrown out at the plate, so he stopped. They proceed to have a snowball fight and Teddy scored. The next batter was Lars and he ended it with a single. Kellen showed up to Game 2 absolutely hammered and Paul decided not to come as he was still partying at Kellen's house. Wolfpack / Stags on Tuesday

E6 vs. El Presidente
It was the battle of arch rival shortstops, Brett Enright aka E6 vs. Craig Joyce aka El Presidente. E6 played a flawless game and El Presidente made a 2 run error and we lost 2-1. Engdahl had a double but was pick off so we might not enter it in the stats, Albo had another 2 hits and Big Ben ripped a double. The Diamondbacks brought thier boot and were pretty pumped when it was El Presidente who made the error. Next up the Giants

WTF League cancels Double Header
Well if we would of waited 45 miuntes the double header could've been played. Bad call by the league to cancel the games. That being said it was a gorgeous afternoon for a Homerun derby. Congrats to Brendan Engdahl on winning. He celebrated in style

Another Rainout
We got rained out again, so we had a HR derby instead. Endahl was the winner of the 3 round contest. I think he hit about 5 dingers.

Game tonight vs. Diamondbacks
Tonight's game is cancelled, next up is a double dip vs. the Cards in Sunday. They lost 20-7 yesterday, so are in playoff form early.

Duking It Out
We started game one with all the regulars and set the tone with a 7-0 win. We rattled off 15 hits with Jared Albo going yard while Jade Alberts and Brendan Engdahl ripped doubles. Lars and Peaches had 2 hits each. Teddy was solid on the mound and Joyce came in to close it out. Game 2 we gave all the rookies a chance to shine but fell short losing 3-0. They might of been nervous and could only string together 3 hits. Aaron Pepin and Nathan Ragonese got the K-Lid and will proudly wear the PINK helmet until getting a hit. Daniel Lougen threw his first 4 innings of the year and looked good.

U of C Juniors Part 2
We had enough guys to field a team today but didn't fair to well. It didn't help that Jared Albo showed up drunk and his driver Kellen rolled in at 11am. Game 1 was a one run game until Gabe pitched. His final appearance as a Longhorn pitcher was the same as his first, he walked 5, 7 pitches hit half way up the backstop, 4 curve balls in the grass and 4 strikes. They blew it open but we clawed back to lose 9-7. Our age started to show during game 2. Playing 3 games in 24 hours is not our cup of tea. We were up 3-1 going into the 6th and we gave up 3. Weyni made some sort or superman dive that was not close to the ball that scored 3 runs, at least he made a effort, right Paul. We have 8 days off and need it.

U of C Juniors
Well we started the season off with a win. It's tough to write about this when you are playing 16-18 years old kids. Some of us can be the fathers. During warm ups one of their moms (not hot) asked if we were the beer bellied old guys her sons were playing. We told her we have no fat guys since Kuzek retired. Teddy opened the season for the 21st consecutive year. He has a beard half way down his chest an scared the living shit out of them. We rattled off 12 hits including a grand slam from the 42 year old Jade Alberts. We play a double dip against them tomorrow.

Exhibition Games
We play 3 games vs. ABA this weekend. Friday game starts at 6.30pm and doors open at 5.30. Saturday's games are at 11am & 1.30pm. Concessions are closed but the bathrooms are open. BYOB.

Late Retirement
Chris Grimes has decided to hang up his cleats. He was a great addition last year and we are sad his career only lasted one season.

All of our practices are done and we are ready to start the season. Whoops I forgot we have a DH exhibition game and 2 more weeks of practice before the season starts. WOW

Mets fold
How will our league continue to operate without the Mighty Mets? They put together a fantastic record of 10-205 in 10 years, I'm not even sure they have 10 wins. They have the most famous quote in FMBA history, "If we recruit better players none of us will play". This was said after complaining about never making the playoffs. This team added and never played Kurt and Parker, who went on to start the Wolfpack, because they were to good. I bet they don't make the playoffs in the Slo-Pitch League in 2014. TFCO

Another practice tonight, at this pace we should be ready by mid July

Baseball season is getting close as some teams have their first post since July. Gunz are to busy smoking away last years lose to us to update their website

Off season updates are on our facebook page. Click on the link at the top of the page. You don't want to miss out

Kuzek Retires
It's official the big man has retired. Byson Kuzek is hanging up his number 22. No more grunting bleeding singles, cheeseburger sales will go down at our tourney. I'm not sure we can let anyone where that number this year. He will be missed, check out the photo's on our Facebook page

Valentine's Day Practice
Not sure if it will be a practice or a massacre.

Brewhouse Sponsorship
Longhorns have secured a sponsorship from Brewhouse Beer. I'm sure this will enhance our skills.

First Practice
Good practice tonight. We recruited 2 young studs but were not sharing there names in case another team steals them. Let's just say that there combined age isn't 40. Jade is the teams new bunting specialist.

Ryan Earl - Free Agent
Forgot to mention Ryan Earl is a free agent. He hit 104 HR's before turning 18. #trademerightfuckingnow

Brent Kelly Retires
Brent Kelly has decided to retire from the Longhorns. He had a stellar career and went to College in the States. He stayed there after college and returned 3 years ago. He had a hard time adjusting to the Canadian style baseball. The pitching was slower, his bat was to quick and he blended in with the Longhorns team speed. No one could coach first with a better stance. He will be missed.

T-Roy Retires
Another retirement is on the books. Troy Cleland has hung up his cleats after batting 1,000 in 2013. His illustrious career started at the University of Gonzaga, then played for the Longhorns, St. Albert Tigers and the Longhorns again. One of his career highlights is being kicked out of the Red Deer Stags tourney before he played a game. We will miss having T-Roy around and his number 27 will never be replaced

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