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Mets fold
How will our league continue to operate without the Mighty Mets? They put together a fantastic record of 10-205 in 10 years, I'm not even sure they have 10 wins. They have the most famous quote in FMBA history, "If we recruit better players none of us will play". This was said after complaining about never making the playoffs. This team added and never played Kurt and Parker, who went on to start the Wolfpack, because they were to good. I bet they don't make the playoffs in the Slo-Pitch League in 2014. TFCO

Another practice tonight, at this pace we should be ready by mid July

Baseball season is getting close as some teams have their first post since July. Gunz are to busy smoking away last years lose to us to update their website

Off season updates are on our facebook page. Click on the link at the top of the page. You don't want to miss out

Kuzek Retires
It's official the big man has retired. Byson Kuzek is hanging up his number 22. No more grunting bleeding singles, cheeseburger sales will go down at our tourney. I'm not sure we can let anyone where that number this year. He will be missed, check out the photo's on our Facebook page

Valentine's Day Practice
Not sure if it will be a practice or a massacre.

Brewhouse Sponsorship
Longhorns have secured a sponsorship from Brewhouse Beer. I'm sure this will enhance our skills.

First Practice
Good practice tonight. We recruited 2 young studs but were not sharing there names in case another team steals them. Let's just say that there combined age isn't 40. Jade is the teams new bunting specialist.

Ryan Earl - Free Agent
Forgot to mention Ryan Earl is a free agent. He hit 104 HR's before turning 18. #trademerightfuckingnow

Brent Kelly Retires
Brent Kelly has decided to retire from the Longhorns. He had a stellar career and went to College in the States. He stayed there after college and returned 3 years ago. He had a hard time adjusting to the Canadian style baseball. The pitching was slower, his bat was to quick and he blended in with the Longhorns team speed. No one could coach first with a better stance. He will be missed.

T-Roy Retires
Another retirement is on the books. Troy Cleland has hung up his cleats after batting 1,000 in 2013. His illustrious career started at the University of Gonzaga, then played for the Longhorns, St. Albert Tigers and the Longhorns again. One of his career highlights is being kicked out of the Red Deer Stags tourney before he played a game. We will miss having T-Roy around and his number 27 will never be replaced

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